Get Active. Have Fun. Help Kids.

Looking for a little extra motivation to get active? Join the 30-day World Food Day Challenge starting October 16th, get active and unlock impact for malnourished kids.

Starts October 16th. Registration Open Now.

Your $20 buys life-saving packets for kids, during the challenge you’ll work to unlock as many as you can.

Get active, build new habits, have fun and unlock impact for kids in Burundi (East Africa).

    30-day activity challenge.
    Easy to join with our free app.
    Connect a tracker or use your phone.
    Donation is tax deductible.

Sign up today and let the impact begin!

I lost the 10 lbs I gained after my surgery, and am continuing on past the challenge on my own to meet my next goal. I can’t wait until the next challenge, it was fun contributing to the team and I have a competitive nature so that really helped motivate.

- Deborah M.

“Before the challenge I would get home and just watch TV. After the challenge, I would get home, have something to eat, and then go on random walks around the neighborhood. My kids love the fact that we don’t just stay at home doing nothing now! We leave the house and stay active and it all started because of the challenge.

- Victor P.

What Is It?

Active For Good is a 30-day challenge where your physical activity unlocks impact for malnourished kids in the form of therapeutic food packets (called RUTF). Daily activities like riding your bike, running, or going for a walk can have a heroic impact.

The Challenge is fun with a dynamic leaderboard and personal milestones. Getting active for a great cause will help you stay focused and build healthy habits. It’s time to get Active For Good.

How It Works


You signup for $20 bucks and commit to getting active during the 30-Day challenge. Our app is free and easy to use.


Your purchase includes us delivering all the life-saving meal packets that you can unlock during the challenge.


Life-saving packets are delivered through partnerships with leading global health organizations.

Easy to Participate

You’ll start by downloading the free Active For Good app (Android or Apple iOS), join the challenge with an event code sent to your email after signup.

Our simple app pulls activity data from the built-in Apple Health (including Apple Watch) or Google Fit systems already part of the phone. The AFG app has a simple way to do a manual entry for activities like swimming (cause who wants to swim with a phone?).

The app also supports Fitbit and Garmin Connect for the more serious competitors. During the challenge, participants receive a series of simple, engaging emails as you unlock impact for kids.

Ready to Get Started? Join the “World Food Day Challenge” today.

About The Cause

Over 17 million children under the age of 5 suffer from SAM – Severe Acute Malnutrition, the most dangerous form of malnutrition. It causes 3.5 million deaths annually.

But there is hope! A 6-8 week feeding program (three 500-calorie packets of RUTF per day) permanently eliminates SAM for 95% of those treated.

We’ve partnered with leading world aid organizations like UNICEF, Save The Children, World Vision and others to deliver impact around the world.

With your help we can unlock packets for kids who need them most.

Impact Partners

We can’t make an impact without people getting active. Likewise, we can’t do this without our amazing partners.

Mana Nutrition is responsible for making all the life-saving packets. They are experts in all things peanut butter.

World Vision works tirelessly to get packets into the hands’ of children who need them most. They are our partner on the ground in Burundi where your impact will be made.

Got Questions?
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