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“Awesome partnership, awesome results.

We hope to do the challenge again.”

– Rebekah Dischler Advisor, Health and Productivity

Chevron first learned about Active For Good in 2017 at the Employer Health Innovation Roundtable (EHIR). They loved our story about inspiring people to get active to help malnourished kids and the possibility of combining it with their annual wellness challenge. Employees would track healthy behaviors, such as walking and sleep habits as a way to earn miles; those miles were then used as a form of currency to compete and unlock rewards. Could that same effort also unlock impact for kids?


Chevron was already invested in a wellness program and had a technology platform in place that had been adopted by employees. The challenge became how to leverage the Active For Good story as an extra layer of motivation while integrating with their existing program.


As a non-profit, our primary mission is to get people more active and engaged while helping save the lives of severely malnourished kids, even if that means executing the idea on a different platform.

We worked with Chevron to implement our “Story As A Service” model where we provided storytelling assets and a strategy for layering our challenge experience and mission into their annual wellness challenge. We also helped build a simple landing page to track results and were responsible for delivering the final impact to kids in South Sudan.


The Chevron HealthTrails 2017 challenge was a big success and met with great excitement among the employees. Over 2,800 people participated earning 806,518 miles for healthy behaviors. The resulting global impact was 50,000 life-saving meal packets sent to South Sudan through our partnership with Save The Children.

Chevron has committed to repeating the challenge in fall of 2018.

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