Save A Life Challenge

Invite your friends and family to a 30-day challenge, get active, have fun and unlock life-saving food packets for malnourished kids. Sign up, invite your crew, talk some smack, and let the impact begin!

What’s included:

    Activity challenge access for up to 6 people.
    Easy to join with our free app.
    Pick a challenge name to make it fun.
    Donation is tax deductible.

Your group will work to unlock 150 life-saving packets which equate to a full 6-week life-saving treatment for one malnourished child.

Get Updates

Save A Life Challenge registration is currently closed.
If you’re interested in receiving an update on the next wave of open challenges please drop your name and email in the form.

How It Works


Your group commits to getting active during the 30-Day challenge. The platform is fun and easy to join.


Your purchase includes sponsoring up to 150 life-saving meal packets that your group will unlock for kids.


We will deliver the packets you unlock through partnerships with leading global health organizations. Learn more >

Easy to Participate

You will start by downloading the free Active For Good app (Android or Apple iOS), join your challenge with an event code.

Our simple app will pull activity data from the built-in Apple Health or Google Fit systems already part of the phone. Our platform also supports Fitbit and Garmin Connect.

During the challenge, participants will receive a series of simple, engaging emails as you unlock impact for kids.

About The Cause

Over 17 million children under the age of 5 suffer from SAM – Severe Acute Malnutrition, the most dangerous form of malnutrition. It causes 3.5 million deaths annually.

But there is hope! A 6-8 week feeding program (three 500-calorie packets of RUTF per day) permanently eliminates SAM for 95% of those treated.

We’ve partnered with leading world aid organizations like UNICEF, Save The Children, World Vision and others to deliver impact around the world.

With your help we can unlock packets for kids who need them most.

Got Questions?
Phone: +1(303) 309-1423