Improve your overall fitness and stay motivated!

Sticking to any fitness goal requires a deep sense of purpose and feeling connected. That’s where we can help.


Improve Your Fitness

Download our FREE Home Running Playbook that includes tips on How to Train,
How to Prevent Injury, and a simple 20 minute HIIT treadmill workout.

Stay Motivated

Stay motivated by crushing it on a 30-day streak with Active For Good. Join our monthly challenge for FREE. All your activity will be sponsored and converted into life-saving food packets for malnourished children.

Get the FREE playbook and access to join the challenge.

 What’s Included: 

Running Playbook:

– Go Hard, Go Easy…Know The Difference!
– Key Exercises for Injury Prevention.
– 20 Minute HITT treadmill workout. 

30-Day Active For Good Challenge:

– We will sponsor your activity and give calories to malnourished children.
– Easy to join with our simple FREE app.
– Stay motivated by a great cause and the challenge leaderboard. 

Hope to see you on the leaderboard!

About Active For Good

We help people stay motivated by connecting their activity with a great cause. We are a group of fun individuals who love to stay active and help malnourished kids. 

We’re runners of all types, cyclists, people who go to the gym, and people who love evening walks. Our goal is to make every minute of your activity count. 

Active For Good is a non-profit providing life-saving packets of RUTF to severely malnourished children. We’ve partnered with leading world aid organizations like UNICEF, Save The Children, World Vision and others to deliver impact around the world. 

With your help we can unlock packets for kids who need them most.

Special thanks to Felipe Loureiro, Multiport Coach and Founder of Breakaway Training for helping us offer this training guide.

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