Good For You. Good For The World.

You accepted the challenge to get Active For Good, had walking meetings, went for runs, cycled, and maybe even talked a little bit of smack to your teammates.

Together we’ve gotten active, felt healthy, and made a huge impact for kids…and we’re just getting started.




Interested in making a bigger impact? 100% of your cash donation will go to fund RUTF packets for kids.

The Greater Impact

Impact reaches far beyond the benefits of getting more active and unlocking food packets. We’ve had a long-lasting effect on the world. Thank you for playing your part.

More Than Just A Packet

Community-based Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) addresses many of the underlying issues causing severe malnutrition. This holistic approach involves weekly weight checks, nutritional education, and allows a mother to feed her child at home.

When treated with three packets a day for just six weeks, more than 90% of children recover.

Investment In The Future

The Copenhagen Consensus Center has identified nutrition interventions as one of the most cost-effective development actions. It’s estimated that a $1 investment in nutrition interventions produces $18 worth of benefits.

Good childhood nutrition starts a virtuous circle with increasing benefits for generations to come.

Areas of Impact

Severe Acute Malnutrition effects many children in some of the most impoverished areas of the world. We've worked with our partners to get life-saving packets to kids in the following areas.


Working with our partners
at World Vision Canada.

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In partnership with Save The Children and Women Of Africa.
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In partnership with Mana Nutrition
and Kijabe Hospital.
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In partnership with Save the Children
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In partnership with World Vision.
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In partnership with Save The Children. Impact Report Coming Soon.


In partnership with World Vision. Impact Report Coming Soon.

Impact Partners

We couldn’t make an impact without people getting active. Likewise, we can’t do this without amazing partnerships with some of the world’s largest aid organizations. They work tirelessly to get life-saving packets to children who need them most.