Sticking to any fitness goal requires a deep sense of purpose. That’s where we can help.

Every minute of activity you do will help unlock life-saving food for malnourished children.


Believe You Can

Imagine your future self and how it feels to run, your lifestyle, your fitness level, your friends. Make that your new identity and quickly dismiss any old stories you tell yourself about not being active.

And don’t go solo. Invite some friends to join a free Active For Good challenge with you. 

Get Moving

We love the saying “start where you are with what you have,” which definitely applies to any fitness program. Pick a goal just beyond your current normal; keep it simple and easy to attain.

Expect resistance but push through to meet that reachable goal. For example, start by committing to run at least 1 mile per day with a small public consequence for missing.

Stay Motivated

Crush it on a 30-day streak with Active For Good. Join our monthly free challenge were all your running it converted into life-saving food for malnourished children. All the calories you burn are sponsored and turned into food for kids.

Join The 30-Day Challenge

It’s free to join and every step counts towards unlocking meals for malnourished kids.

How Does Active For Good Work?


You commit to getting active during the challenge, your activity unlocks food packets for malnourished kids.


We will sponsor your activity and convert your efforts to help kids. The more active we get, the bigger the impact.


Impact is made in the form of therapeutic food packets delivered by our partnerships with global health organizations.

Easy To Participate

You can join one of our FREE monthly challenges using the free app, it’s easy and fun! To get started, fill out the form above and we will send you detailed instructions on how to join the next challenge.

Easy To Use App. 
Our app can connect to your Garmin, Fitbit or just use your phone connecting to Apple Health or Google Fit. The Active For Good app also has manual entry.

Stay Motivated. 
From the app dashboard, you’ll see how many food packets you’ve unlocked for kids and how close you are to unlocking another packet.

Fun Competition.  
Every challenge has a leaderboard for both teams and individuals. Invite your friends to join and have fun competing together (smack-talking optional).

Use a phone as a tracker or connect a Fitbit or Garmin.

About The Cause

Over 17 million children under the age of 5 suffer from SAM – Severe Acute Malnutrition, the most dangerous form of malnutrition. It causes 3.5 million deaths annually.

But there is hope! A 6-8 week feeding program (three 500-calorie packets of RUTF per day) permanently eliminates SAM for 95% of those treated.

We’ve partnered with leading world aid organizations like UNICEF, Save The Children, World Vision and others to deliver impact around the world.

With your help we can unlock packets for kids who need them most.

Get ready to unlock life-saving packets for kids that need them most.

It’s time to Get Active For Good!

Got Questions?
Email: Hello@ActiveForGood.com

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