A group of ultra-runners in San Diego, California learned about Active For Good and have put down some incredible numbers in our public challenges the last two months.

In November and December, while most of us were taking triptan induced naps after a large turkey dinner, this team was running and running and running. In rough numbers, they burned just over 1 million calories which were converted into 1 million calories of nutrition for malnourished children.

Together they unlocked 2,028 packets of RUTF, enough to save the lives of 13 children.

Active For Good is a non-profit organization that works with companies to get their employees active with a sense of purpose. During a 30-day challenge, all the steps and minutes of activity are turned into life-saving nutrition for malnourished children. With the support of a visionary sponsor, Active For Good began offering free public challenges every month. Learn more or join a free public challenge at activeforgood.com.

Photo Credit: Team Gratitude members Patrick, Keith, Debi and Riley out for a run.