You might have noticed some changes recently (maybe not); you’ve also maybe heard us say “It’s time to get Active For Good” or seen us use the hashtag #ActiveForGood.

What started out as a company tagline for Calorie Cloud has now become our official name. It was like a bright sparkling light bulb went off one day when we realized that Active For Good might be a better name (okay maybe the lightbulb wasn’t sparkling).

We hope the rebrand will better reflect our mission and also act to inspire our amazing challenge participants who aren’t just getting more active during a challenge, but doing it for the good of others and having a heroic impact on the world.

What has not changed:
Our tenacious commitment to getting people active and helping malnourished kids.

If you’re interested in running a challenge, you can visit our Get Started Page.

What did change:

  • The name (bye bye Calorie Cloud)
  • The logo evolved a bit with a nod to the past app icon (some visuals below).
  • Much of our app and onboarding process.
  • Our email communications during the challenge.
  • Stickers on our laptops (hi Troy).

What’s to come:

  • We have plans for a library of challenges including more options for smaller groups.
  • Our development team is continuing to make the AFG app more better.
  • Lots of packets unlocked for malnourished kids. With your help of course.