It was just this past July when Troy & Luke of Team Calorie Cloud (now Active For Good) discussed the dream of attending Dreamforce one day in the future.

Troy: “What would be your ideal conference to attend & sponsor attendee calories at?”
Luke: “Dreamforce.”
(insert jovial laughter here)

It’s fun to go back and see how it all unfolded after that conversation, but it was just a few short months after that initial high-level dreaming session that we had the opportunity to attend the world’s largest software conference & sponsor attendee calories.

In a follow-up email to Troy regarding our customer success story with Heroku, we were asked if we wanted to join Heroku at their booth in the Internet of Things (IoT) Zone at Dreamforce a little less than 2 months away. We immediately jumped at the chance to be involved in any capacity at the monster event and calls/emails started flying.

Fast forward a few weeks later and we had our own booth a few yards from Heroku’s space, booked flights & a confirmed reservation for (what we think was) the last available AirBnb in the greater SF area.

The week of the event, team members from Cambodia, California, Colorado, and North Carolina flew/drove/BARTed into San Francisco and Luke, our branding mastermind, was ready with our gear! Donned in outfits complete with bright yellow hats with blinking lights, we grabbed a coffee on our way to Moscone Center West and got ready to talk about how attendees could sign up to donate their calories for the next 30 days.

Dreamforce week was packed with fantastic conversations, lessons about mini hydroponic shipping container farms, walking our fair share of San Francisco, Berkeley & Oakland, a concert by Bono, and invaluable time wandering around the ever-impressive & expansive DF16 campus. We were tired, but we JUST. COULDN’T. STOP.

As we packed up and headed back to our respective homes around the world, the best part was that the Activity Challenge had just begun. Although the physical conference had ended, we got to get #ActiveforGood with the people we met in the fantasy of Dreamforce & stay virtually connected for the next 30 days.

30 total days of running, biking, hosting walking meetings, taking the stairs, moving. 30 days of activity with a community of people we didn’t know before October 4th, 2016. A community inspired by various reasons, to take action and come together to save lives… the power of Dreamforce.

November 2, 2016, marked the conclusion of the Active for Good Dreamforce 2016 Challenge. Over 770,000 calories, 1,538 packets of therapeutic food, were donated. With these packets, 12 lives were saved thanks to the efforts of Dreamforce attendees!

It’s tough to capture all of the awesomeness of Dreamforce in a few paragraphs, but it really comes down to the relationships & connections that come out of it. We got there because of a relationship and came out of it with 100s of others. Our Dreamforce story was made possible entirely by our friends & partners at Heroku. We are so grateful to them for believing in our work and sharing it with others. It was the introductions they initiated that led us to this point, having saved 12 lives of children on the brink of death. Whatever opportunity or event lies ahead in the upcoming months, we’re ready!

To host an Active For Good Challenge at your own workplace or conference, adding a lasting touch point to their experience, click here for more information!