With a crammed calendar, it can be challenging to find the time to fit in exercise. Luckily, there are some simple changes you can make to your daily lifestyle that aren’t super time-consuming. Try these easy tips to increase your activity.

1) Take the Stairs
This one is a no-brainer – when you have the choice between taking the elevator or taking the stairs, always choose the latter. This simple swap will net you about 150 extra calories burned each week.

2) Active Commute
No one likes sitting in traffic, and since sitting has recently been dubbed the “new smoking,” we’d best avoid this sedentary time in the car as much as possible. By making your commute an active one, you’ll not only save on gas, you’ll be burning plenty of calories! If you live close to work, try walking or getting off one stop early on public transit. If you’re a bit farther away, try biking to work or even consider a run-commute. Pack your work clothes and some baby wipes in a backpack and you’re ready to run!

3) Walking Meetings
If your work meeting doesn’t require a whiteboard, why not take it outside? Grab your colleague and take some laps around your building while talking through your meeting agenda. You might find that ideas are flowing freely in your meeting – research shows that exercise boosts brain activity – so your walking meeting just might be more productive than sitting around the conference room!

4) Order Take-out Instead of Delivery
Instead of getting your Friday night pizza dinner delivered as usual, why not go pick it up yourself? Order take-out instead and walk to and from your favorite pizza joint to pick up your dinner. You’ll burn some extra calories and save on delivery fees!

5) Bathroom Bootcamp
An easy way to get in the habit of moving more is to tack on some fitness activities to good habits you already have. You already brush your teeth twice a day, right? How about adding some squats to your tooth-brushing routine for a little added strength? Or try installing a pull-up bar in your bathroom doorway and do five pull-ups before you hop in the shower. Adding this bathroom bootcamp to your existing routine is a great way to squeeze in a few more minutes of fitness and calories burned!